Work Experience Record Essay

Organisational Report based on

‘Venice Jewellery ‘

Belmont Lounge,

Middle Gardiner Street

Dublin 1

Identity of report3

Executive Summary3

Terms of Reference4

Method of procedure4


Introduction of the Organization5



Product of Service5


Composition of organization6


Justification of chart6

Line of authority7

Internal effect on organization7

Management Style7

Communication methods within organization7

Number of staff7

Atmosphere/team work7

Resources Available8

Internal/External Analysis8

SWOT Analysis8

PEST Analysis9

HR Department10

Jobs specs10



Performance appraisal10

Salaries & benefits11


Equality & diversity11

Tools and facilities11





Name of report

Organizational Report based upon the Company " Venice Jewellery”, Belmont Hall, Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin 1

Business Summary

Following lying your purpose of this report in section three and how the information was collected in section four, section five examines Venice Jewellery using the subsequent headings. Section 1 introduces the company below four headings: history, size, product/service, customers. Section 2 looks at the organizational structure of the firm by detailing line of expert and offering organizational chart. Section three or more shows inner influences in organization including management design, health & safety communication methods inside organization, number of staff, atmosphere/team work and resources obtainable. Section 5 is another and interior analysis in the organization and analysing SWOT and INFESTATION in proceeding. Section 5 looks at the HR division of Venice Jewellery, inside the following we can see Jobs features, Recruitment, Teaching, Performance evaluation, Salaries & benefits, Unions and Equal rights & diversity. Section 6th looks at the facilities and equipment obtainable in the organization. Last two sections are: section several conclusions and 8 recommendations.

Terms of Reference

" This company report is being posted as a part of completion of the FETEC Business English module pertaining to FETEC level 5 License in Computerised Office Skills for Adults (COS) as wanted by the Organization English Mairin Loftus”.

Way of procedure

To be able to obtain the relevant information pertaining to the completion of this report, the following techniques were used: 4. one particular Primary research was performed with director of the corporation. Chat with the manager, Laura Pietrangelo occured and the girl answered a number of questions regarding the company. 5. 2 Personal observation built during job history also allowed me to obtain information for the report. 5. 3 Venice Jewellery brochure was used to understand the product and history lurking behind.

1 . Intro of the Firm


Venice Jewellery begun in 2005 by Francesco Dominoni and Laura Pietrangelo. Both of them are from Venice area in Italy and the idea was going to bring Venetian culture to Ireland. They did it by introducing Venice Jewellery. Each year the company is usually involved in a large number of events about Ireland, including Punchestown Racecourse's or Art Fair in RDS. As 2007 Laura Pietrangelo is a managing director of the firm.


Venice Jewellery is a sole operate type of enterprise; it is a little home based business. The company's office is within Belmont Hall, Gardiner Road, Dublin 1 ) It is a initial floor condo where among the room features is being Venice Jewellery business office. Because the corporation doesn't have a shop and the owner sells the items on several events about country (Craft Fair 2010 RDS), Belmont Hall is additionally a place the place that the goods will be imported since Italy, jam-packed and stored.

Product of Service

Venice Jewellery is actually a leading brand in Venetian...


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