WEATHER Story Essay

Types of

Weather conditions

1) Sunlit

2) Gloomy

3) Stormy

4) Turbulent


Months are caused as our planet revolves around

sunlight. Seasons stay the same for a long time.

Might be 3-4 a few months.

Summer, Monsoon and Wintertime are


Apart from the


. The wind

. The closeness

to the sea and

. The atmosphere

also affect the


•The Summer season is usually from Feb . to May possibly.

. The weather can be hot and dry.

. This sort of weather is known as a sunny weather.

. We all cool yourself by eating ice-creams, having cool drinks and drinking plenty of water.

. We need to wear light natural cotton clothes to ensure that we may sweat very much.

. The Stormy season is from 06 to September.

. There is thunder and super along with rain over a rainy working day.. The children love to play in puddles.

. We all carry umbrellas and have on raincoats and gumboots. Rain makes every thing wet.

. Wintertime is by October to January.

. The weather is frosty during winter.

. People wear woollen clothes to keep themselves warm.

. We enjoy ingesting hot tea or dairy with cacao and hot chocolate.. There is a storm in some place so the people there get pleasure from making snowman and snowballs.

. Diwali and Christmas will be celebrated during this time.

The story of weather

• It was



Ravi was at

house, he

was feeling

actually hot

in the

house, this individual

thought of

a concept.

He known as all his friend in the society and so they all

went down to the seaside near the culture, to have

fun and to keep themselves cool inside the sunny

weather conditions

All of a sudden big dark clouds appeared in the

sky as well as the weather shortly became gloomy.

The wind began blowing as well as the weather

turned windy.

The person on streets next towards the beach, dressed in his raincoat,

gumboots and opened his umbrella to save himself

via getting rainy.

The children ran back to their very own society, these people were sad although Ravi was is no disposition to let the rain spoil their day, he had a concept, they all dressed in their raincoats n gumboots and ran back to the park to acquire fun in the rainy weather conditions.

Ravi thought

to himself

that he's so

blessed he is

taking pleasure in

himself with

his good friends

otherwise he

would be all


viewing the

rainwater from his


Today it was past due in the evening, it had stopped raining, the weather was nice and cold, the children went

home modify, have dinner and take permission from their

parents to camp down in the garden, light a bonfire and say


The next

previous night

going to bed

Ravi thought

of all the fun

he had with

his friends

about Saturday.

He thanked

The almighty for the




that day.


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