The Explosive device Calorimeter Article

Test B2, Heats of Burning – The Bomb Calorimeter.


To calibrate a bomb calorimeter by the combustion of benzoic acid. After that to use the calibrated calorimeter to gauge the heat of combustion of naphthalene and calculate the heat of creation of naphthalene.


queen = C. ΔTBA C = queen / ΔTBA

Moles sama dengan mass as well as Mr

ΔŪ = ΔU / moles

ΔHoc, 298 = ΔŪoc, 298 & PDV sama dengan ΔŪoc, 298 + RTΔn

C10H8 (s) + 12O2 (g) 10CO2 (g) & 4H2O (l)

ΔHoc, 298 = -- 1 by ΔHof (Nap) + 15 x ΔHof (CO2) + 4 back button ΔHof (H2O)


1 ) First, a pellet of around 1 . 0g of benzoic acid was weighed away using a four decimal place mass stability and the fat was recorded at 1 . 0022g recorded.

installment payments on your Then roughly 2400cm3 of distilled drinking water was included with the calorimeter. A pipette was used to measure out 10cm3 of distilled normal water which was instantly added to a clean bomb.

several. The top with the bomb electrode was held to ensure that a period of tungsten wire was that passes the hole in each electrode to connect both the electrodes collectively, to ensure that the wire was not taut.

some. The cable was after that wound surrounding the electrode to make sure a good power point contact was made.

your five. A duration of cotton was then tied up around the pellet and then the cotton attached with the tungsten wire and pellet place in the material crucible below the electrodes.

six. The benzoic acid pellet was engraved on to produce it much easier to knot the cotton in it.

7. Teflon tape was then wound around the border of the sport bike helmet and then inserted into the bomb and screwed in snugly. The bomb was then filled with fresh air to a pressure of twenty-five atmospheres.

8. The same steps from 1-8 was repeated for Naptheline.


|Compound tested |Benzoic acid |Naphthalene | |Mass (g) |1. 0022 |0. 6497

|Time (minutes) |Benzoic acid, temperature (oC) |Naphthalene, heat (oC) | |0. five |21. zero |22. six | |1. 0 |21. 1 |22. 7 | |1. your five |21. 0 |22. six | |2. 0 |21. 0 |22. 7 | |2. a few |21. one particular |22. 7 | |3. 0 |21. 1 |22. 7 | |3. 5 |21. zero |22. 7 | |4. 0 |21. 1 |22. 7 | |4. a few |21. one particular |22. 7 | |5. 0 Explosive device Fired |21. 1 |22. 7 | |5. five |21. your five...


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