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Study Integration

EBT Task two

Western Governor's University

Assessment and Classification of Evidence



Suitable or improper

Kind of Research

(American Senior high of Pediatrics; American School of Friends and family Physicians, 2004) Filtered


This article determines diagnosis and management suggestions for the treating AOM. Additionally , the creators make tips regarding treatment options for the symptoms of AOM and addresses the concept of watchful waiting as opposed to immediate antibiotic therapy. Recommendations are provided to get clinical practice and had been created using a systematic review of specialized medical research, which makes it an appropriate resource for medical practice. Evidence based guideline

(Block, 1997)



This article is made up of up to date research obtained by authors within a primary research study so it is the right source for nursing practice.

Primary research proof

(Kelley, Friedman, & Meeks, 2007)



This article (chapter of a textbook) delivers generalized details and points the mechanisms of AOM, along with a host of information regarding other circumstances that are not essential to this inquiry. It does apparently provide helping research to assist in analysis and remedying of AOM and mentions the objective of watchful holding out as a possible choice in the textual content and inside the treatment matrices and simply states what current treatment rules are in place. The age group classifications to be treated do not line-up with those in the recommended policy rules for the nursing group's recommendation nevertheless it could be appropriate for nursing practice. None

(McCracken, 1998)



This information supports current guidelines and discusses potential issues associated with continued antibiotic use, rendering it an appropriate source for medical practice.

Data based synopsis




These kinds of interviews offer first-hand accounts of parent experience remembering signs and symptoms in the case opf AOM and subsequent treatment. Because the data is anecdotal in character and not evidence-based it would not be ideal evidence for changing breastfeeding practice None

Watchful Ready

According to an AAP/AAFP medical guideline released in the May well 2004 edition of Pediatrics, " Serious otitis media (AOM) is among the most common illness for which antiseptic agents will be prescribed for the children in the Combined States”. Direct and indirect costs of providing treatment, treatment and medications pertaining to AOM is well over $3 billion annually. Although AOM is the most typically treated contamination in the United States, evaluation findings and recent studies possess found that most cases of AOM will be viral in nature. Mainly because viral attacks do not react to antibiotics, there exists subsequently simply no benefit proven by utilization of antibiotics in reducing the intensity with the symptoms or perhaps the duration of contamination. Conversely, prescribing antibiotics intended for AOM due to viral infection can have a bad impact on the latest and physical health of the children treated, and increase the expense of providing care. For many years, medical doctors would basically prescribe remedies immediately if the signs and symptoms of the ear infection were present. However recent facts shows that above several years the recurrent use of antiseptic agents offers caused several bacteria to mutate and turn resistant to specific antibiotics necessitating exploration of substitute treatments. Overuse or wrong use of antibiotics such as recommending for virus-like illnesses and/or not doing the full program prescribed the moment bacterial infection is really present include led to the development of antibiotic immune strains of bacteria. Consequently, researchers, physicians, and other medical personnel have looked to get methods of treatment which can be effective for illnesses brought on by viral providers, such...

Sources: American School of Pediatrics; American Schools of Family Physicians. (2004, May). Scientific Practice Guide: Diagnosis and Management of Acute Otitis Media. Pediatrics, 113(5), 1451-1465.

Block, S. L. (1997, April). Instrumental pathogens, antibiotic resistance, and therapeutic considerations in severe otitis multimedia. The The chidhood Infectious Disease Journal, 16(4), 449-456.

Kelley, P. At the., Friedman, N., & Manley, C. (2007). Ear, Nasal area, and Can range f. In W. W. Hay, M. J. Levin, M. N. Sondheimer, & 3rd there’s r. R. Deterding (Eds. ), Current The chidhood Diagnosis and Treatment (18 ed., pp. 459-492). New york city: Lange Medical Books/McGraw Hill.

McCracken, G. H. (1998, June). Remedying of acute otitis media within an era of increasing microbial amount of resistance. The The chidhood Infectious Disease Journal, 17(6), 576-579.


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