Marketing Myopia Essay

Marketing Myopia

What is Advertising Myopia?

Advertising Myopia is a short-sighted procedure of administration of focusing on a particular product and not figuring out the correct market the organization is in. (Levitt, 1975) In essence that implies that organizations should not establish their business based on their products and should attempt to identify the business based on consumer centric proof. Organizations need to focus on buyer wants and use customer centric data forming proper decisions. Key Points

In his article Theodore Levitt points out to several key points that may lead to short-sightedness within organizations. * Narrow definition of business

* Item orientation rather than customer positioning

* Complacency & indispensability

* Companies went along with their convictions with no customer centric evidence. 5. Step child treatment to get marketing.

2. Many of the advancement came outside of the industry

* R& D simply by solely designers

These details are illustrated using the following examples.

The truth of Sony Walkman

Walkman introduced a change in music listening practices by allowing for people to hold music with them and listen to music through light and portable headphones. These were the indisputable leader in portable music but were complacent using their so called excellent product. Together with the introduction of MP3 technology Sony failed to understand the want of the client and allowed Apple, an outsider (then a vendor of Personal Computers) to take the industry by surprise with the launch of their ipod device. (Mendes, 2010) Sony failed to understand the organization they were in. The industry they were in was " Entertainment Industry” but in truth it was focusing on the " Portable Music Industry” where customers wished more and more entertainment such as video clips to be portable. The Case of Kodak

Kodak focused a whole lot on Mass production with their films. While using digitalization in the Camera, they started losing ground in the commercial of...


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