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Ducusin, Cester Gale A.

1De Christ, Medarlo, University of Substance Engineering, Biochemistry and biology and Biotechnology, Mapua Company of Technology; 2Ducusin, Cester Gale A., CHM144L/A21, College of Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Mapua Start of Technology


Cream is a thick, smooth liquefied preparation created to be applied to the skin for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes. It can be a liquid, usually aqueous or sometimes alcohol addiction preparation that contains insoluble materials in the form of a suspension or emulsion, designed for external program without scrubbing, in this sort of skin conditions as irritation, infection, allergy or intolerance, pain, and also the like. The objective of this experiment is to be able to prepare hands and human body lotion and determine the function of every material used in making the product. The chemicals that were found in the research include stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, nutrient oil, glycerin, triethanolamine, additive, and fragrance. It is revealed that steric acid is a lubrication for the lotion or to prevent the oxidation process. The cetyl alcohol acts as a skin softener. The vitamin oil is lubricant laxative. The glycerin acts a moisturizer to the hair and skin. The triethanolamine that is essential application as a surfactant is also added. Lastly, the preservative is utilized to maintain the great quality in the lotion. This experiment concludes how the function of each materials is important in the role of lotion making industry.

My spouse and i. INTRODUCTION

A. History

Excavation of Mesolithic civilization sites dating as far back as 10, 500 B. C. indicates our earliest ancestors and forefathers may have got rubbed olive oil from castor plants on their skin. Old Egyptian tombs opened within the past century uncover small pottery jars filled with animal body fat and essential olive oil substances to which spices were added. Biblical accounts show that people living during that period considered it a luxury to acquire their ft washed and ointment massaged into the epidermis. B. Classification and Uses

A gel is a low- to medium-viscosity topical preparing intended for software to unbroken skin. By comparison, creams and gels have higher viscosity. Lotions are applied to external skin with

uncovered hands, a brush, a clean material, cotton constructed from wool, or gauze. Many creams, especially hand lotions and body lotions are created not as a medicine delivery system, but simply to smooth, re-hydrate, and soften skin. These are particularly popular with the aging and aged demographic groupings, and in the truth of deal with usage, can be classified like a cosmetic oftentimes, and may contain fragrances. C. Objectives

The purpose of this experiment is to be able to prepare side and human body lotion and determine the role of each material utilization in making lotion.


A. Components

The apparatus that were found in the research include thermometer, beaker 250 mL (2 pcs), beaker 500 cubic centimeters, beaker 55 mL (2 pcs), and stirring fly fishing rod. The chemicals that were used in the experiment consist of stearic acid, cetyl alcoholic beverages, mineral petrol, glycerin, triethanolamine, preservative, and fragrance.

W. Methods

This kind of formulation was considered for making the cream:

The required quantity of stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, vitamin oil, glycerin and normal water was considered and placed in a two hundred and fifty mL capacity beaker. The materials were heated to 70 deg celsius till all solids liquefied. Following heating, triethanolamine was added. The mixture was cooled to room

temperatures using a water bath. The mixture was mixed although cooling. The fragrance was added if the temperature actually reaches room temp. The gel was transferred to a preferred packaging.

Fig. 7. After a week of fermentation Fig. 8. Identifying the new certain gravity



Findings during the experiment:

Upon blending the components, just minute amounts of...

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