Police officers Composition

Certificate in Knowledge of Policing - Pre-Training Requirement*

Anybody who wishes to become a fresh police constable in the City Police Support will need to have successfully completed the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) prior to starting a training course as a new police constable. However please note that if you have already attained the Police Rules and Community Certificate (PLC) within the last 3 years at a pass tag standard of 60%, you will not have to achieve the CKP.

The CKP is a mandatory requirement and you should only be able to apply after getting obtained this qualification. Obtaining the CKP will not guarantee a job as every applicants will also be expected to meet the standard Achieved recruitment and selection requirements in order to become a fresh police policier.

Please also use our pre-application questionnaire that can be designed to help you check if you meet the MPS eligibility requirements to apply.

The CKP will give you an understanding of policing and police regulation, and to demonstrate some of the essential decision-making abilities that are necessary for the job. It covers a wide range of subjects, many of which include:

Applying police powers in a fair and just approach

Social and community problems and area policing

Responding to happenings and rendering initial support to subjects and witnesses Searching property and looking individuals within a policing circumstance Participating in designed policing businesses

Interviewing witnesses and suspects

Victim support

The legal justice system

Legislation, insurance plan and guidelines

The new qualification involves about 300 hours of examine, of which about 80 happen to be taught plus the rest are self examine at home. For most circumstances, the CKP certification will remain valid for up to 3 years from completion of the program.

The MPS will only acknowledge certificates via approved teaching providers in the College of Policing. More information regarding the CKP and a list of...


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