Essay about Group Project Outline Business Plan

Group Tasks

The purpose of the group assignments is to offer students a chance to explore program topics in greater depth, conduct impartial research, and apply all their knowledge within a practical circumstance. Student groups will make and present a project based upon one of the next prompts.

The group is known as a team of entrepreneurs seeking to start a fresh health care delivery company. Decided on a type of organization (e. g., an portico surgery middle, a long-term acute proper care hospital, a physical therapy medical clinic, etc . ) and create an original business plan for presentation to a mortgage officer. There is not any strict requirement for the web page limit or perhaps format with the business plan; supplied, the business strategy should include this information:

A. Executive Overview

B. Company Description

my spouse and i. Generally, what does the company perform?

ii. Just how is the organization legally arranged?

iii. Exactly what the risks and benefits linked to the company's legal form? iv. Where is definitely the company located?

v. The master of the company?

C. Market Research

i. Illustrate the market in which the company operates. ii. What tendencies are framing the sector?

iii. Who are the company's customers?

iv. How will the corporation attract consumers?

v. Who will be the company's competition?

vi. How will the company identify itself from its competition?

D. Legal Examination

we. What laws and regulations are particularly significant to the company's business? ii. How will the business seek to comply with applicable laws and regulations? iii. What changes to current laws and regulations are required, if virtually any? iv. What legal financial obligations might the business expect to confront? v. What federal or perhaps state departments, agencies or boards govern the company plus the company's business? vi. What...


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