History of Stylistic Essay


A systematic method of exploring text messaging;

It looks on the languages of texts and tries to make clear how the vocabulary creates that means, style and effect It also explain just how readers connect to the language of texts in order to explain the way we understand and they are affected by texts when we read them

Literarcy criticism:

1 . In the nineteenth century: publisher

in The uk (UK): text message (Ivor A Richards & Wiliam Empson)

text + how viewers were afflicted (psychological aspects in readers)*** пѓЁ Sensible Criticism

In the early inside the twentieth hundred years: text > authors

installment payments on your Practical Criticism is matched with a similar essential movement: New Criticism (almostly exclusively for the description of literary – as 3rd party aesthetic objects)

Practical Criticism

(Britian, UK)

New Critique

(the USA)


1 ) emphasis on dialect of the text message rather than it is author

2 . assume that criticism needs the accounts of important literature works depending on the intuitional reading-outcomes of trained and aesthetically delicate critics a few. did not review the text vocabulary very much, nevertheless pay very closed awareness of the language textual content when studying them, describinh hoe they will understanding all of them and influencing by these people Differences

1 . pay more awareness of the mental aspects in readers 1 ) almost structured exclusively on the description of literary functions, as a completely independent aesthetic objects

4. About 100 years after: such strategy is still very useful, and give climb to the sort of critical dissertation which freelance writers make declare on: (Claim and Estimate Approach)

the meanings;

how it influences;

then estimate a textual sample to illustrate the view argued for.

5. Generally speaking, the claim and quote strategy is not enough to argue for a view of text, в€µ logical gaps often is available

в€µ pure intuition is too little

6. Stylisticians also use those approach on nonliterary text messaging.

7. Another important strand in developing Stylistics:

The Russian Formalist, (Moscow)

- IA Richard...


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