Cpg Account Essay

Background in the Company

Century Pacific Group started out very little more than a eyesight in the brain of Mr. Ricardo T. Po, Sr. The Birth of Century Canning Corp.

In the late 70s, after 3 years of diligent research and study, Century Canning Firm was established inside the Philippines as a pioneering chumbera canning center focusing mainly on processing and transferring the considerable supply of tuna in Philippine waters. The Rise of 555 Sardines

1983 gave birth to 555 Sardines. In just 3 years, this newbie became one of many top four brands of processed sardines in the Philippines, contending credibly with established brands that had been about since World War II and in the procedure became the Philippines Refined Tuna Exporter Century Chumbera Arrives

In 1986, Mr. Po made the decision which the time was right to introduce the sardine-loving Filipino consumer to the healthy amazing benefits of rondalla. So he launched Hundred years Tuna in the Philippines. Therefore began the long and winding trip of education that has led to the modest but developing Philippine market for canned tuna. The beginning of the Corned Beef Time

Seeing another prospect in the growing purchasing power of the Philippine consumer, Mr. Po chosen to apply the discipline, price consciousness and competitiveness with the fish processing industry for the meat digesting business while using launch of Argentina Corned Beef in 1995. Century Goes into the Restaurant Organization

Yoshinoya caters to the growing marketplace for food consumed outdoor. A well known fast food restaurant chain in Japan, Yoshinoya was launched by YCPI in the Korea in 2001. Century Diversifies and Makes its way into Dairy and Mixes

It had been also in 2001, completely embracing the learnings through the saving grace of diversification, that Mr. Po led the introduction of Birch Shrub Full Cream Powdered Dairy in the Israel in 2001. Angel Milk is section of the company's foray into the milk business. The brand in under the Snow Hill Dairy Company. Snow Mountain is now the 2nd biggest the liquid milk firm in the Korea and is constantly on the diversify into new and growing foodstuff categories just like 3-in1 coffee (Kaffe sobre Oro brand), coffee other additives (Angel), and Sinigang (Tamarind) Soup Combine (Home Pride). The Start of the Frozen Organization Era

With the success of the Century Gourmet Agnus Fillet, the frozen collection from Century Quality company was introduced to the market therefore putting Hundred years Pacific Group in a position to be competitive in the frosty market which usually during the same year, launched its admittance into the Fresh Processed Meat Category previous November 2009 under the Spain and Wow Brands. The Company's Business Units and Respective Brands

With Century business developing by advances, they have eliminated on to acquire as well create new brands that would cater to different concentrate on markets. The next business units and brands happen to be as follows 100 years Canning Corporation consists of each of the Tuna Business of Hundred years Pacific Group: * 100 years Tuna - 555 Rondalla

* Century Bangus -- Blue Bay Tuna

* Fresca Rondalla

Pacific Meats Company Inc. consists of each of the Meat Business of the Firm. * Peru - 5iphon Meat/Beef Loaf * Incredible - Lucky 7 Carne Norte 2. Shanghai Chinese language Meat Loaf

Columbus Sea food Corporation contains all the Sardiness Business from the Company 2. 555 Sardines

* Green Bay Sardines

* Blessed 7 Sardines

Snow Mountain Dairy Corp is the Organization Unit interested in Dairy, Coffee and Combines businesses. 2. Angel - Birch Tree

* KDO Espresso - House Pride Sinigang Mix Yoshinoya Century Pacific cycles is in charge of you can actually restaurant business General Tuna Corp manages its Transferring Business

CPG Food Services is the responsible for food assistance

Century Intercontinental Co. is in charge of Century Pacific Group's business in China.

The corporation Direction

The Company's...


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