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BIO-MASS GAS: -BMG is the organized manufacturer and seller of biogas canister. Company likewise produces electrical energy from biogas.

TEAM: -The Company is set up by Mister. Pankaj Singh and his good friends Prachi Garg, Pankaj Mishra, Pankhuri Gupta and Renuka Nagar after completing their PGDM. Our Company should become a industry leader after five years.

MERCHANDISE: -In starting company provides Biomass gas cylinder to the customer and in up coming five years company will certainly produce electrical energy from biogas.

INDUSTRY: -Earlier government got also marketed the production of biogas. In rural region government inspire village visitors to produce biogas and tried it for electricity because in rural location condition of electrical energy is so very good. India is actually a agricultural based country therefore raw materials is easily available in rural region by which we can produce biogas. Since liquefied petroleum gas is scarce source of fuel energy and so price of LPG tube increases day by day and BMG cylinder is going to fill this gap. The latest market size of LPG is. Our competitive advantage is will be, there is no big person in the market which will produce promote biomass gas cylinder.

PROCEDURES: -Our grow will be set up Patna in Bihar. Mainly because raw materials is easily readily available. Labor is also easily available for appropriate income rate. Area for herb is also available at low price. Govt provide mortgage for business for lower interest and gives subsidies. For next five years government will not charge almost any tax just like VAT and company tax.

TARGET AUDIENCE: -We will be targeting both high income group friends and family as well as low income group people. Each of our main concentrate on consumer are those families which may have low income and they cannot afford LPG cyndrical tube or who may have not the bond for LPG cylinder yet. Initially we target a specific state after one two year all of us expand each of our market and that we move to an additional state.


Risk occurrenceChances of ImpactMitigation

Competition from LPG providers firm LOWLOWWe continue to keep our cylinder's price decrease then all of them. Copy of the model by simply competitorsHIGHLOWAfter two year we has stabled and we provides healthy market share then all of us keep our price low.

REVENUE STYLE: -In year 2015, we will make investments Rs. 2 . 625 crore as capital investment pertaining to initial system. Set-up will require one year after six month all of us start the production. In 2 years we cover our every fixed costs that means all of us will get breakeven point in 2 years and after 2 yrs we make higher revenue because we all ready cover our set cost. BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE

HISTORY: -Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of air. It is a renewable energy source, just like solar and wind energy. Furthermore, biogas can be made out of regionally offered raw materials and recycled waste and is green and LASER neutral. Biogas is produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of biodegradable elements such as manure, sewage, city and county waste, green waste, flower material, and crops.[1] Biogas comprises generally methane (CH4) and co2 dioxide(CO2) and might have a small amount of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), moisture and siloxanes. Biogas can be used as a fuel in different country for any heating goal, such as preparing food. It can also be utilized in anaerobic digesters where it truly is typically utilized in a gas engine to convert the in the gas into electric power and temperature. Biogas may be compressed, much like natural gas, and utilized to power motor vehicles. In the UK, for instance , biogas is definitely estimated to get the potential to exchange around 17% of vehicle fuel. Biogas is a alternative fuel so that it qualifies intended for renewable energy...


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