Answer Key for Microbiology Practice Check Essay

Name Microbiology 2210 Answer Key Practice Test one particular

Guidelines: Choose the the majority of correct response to answer the statement.

___1. Archaea

a. belong to the kingdom Protista

w. have petidoglycan in their cellular walls

c. belong to the domain Bacteria

d. happen to be prokaryotic

___2. Identify the proper format pertaining to writing the genus and species of the organism?

a. bacillus Cereus

b. Escherichia Coli

c. bacillus coagulens

d. Streptococcus epidermidis

e. Micrococcus luteus

___3. The " quick fix, ” capable of killing a particular disease causing microorganism, was first remote when

a. Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch developed the germ theory of disease b. Edward Jenner developed the smallpox vaccine

c. Frederick Lister uncovered disinfectants

d. Paul Eigentlich discovered salvarsan (arsenic 606)

___4. Penicillin is found normally in

a. Streptococcus pneumoniae

b. Echerichia coli

c. Penicillium notatum

d. Staphylococcus aureus

e. Klebsiella pneumonia

___5. The domain system of classification places bacterias into the site a. Eukarya

b. Protista

c. Plantae

d. Prokaryotae

e. Bacteria

___6.  Helminths are�

a. no pathogenic bacteria

b.  parasitic protozoa

c.  heterotrophic molds

d.  parasitic flatworms and roundworms

___7. Louis Pasteur completed all of the subsequent except a. developed the first rabies vaccine

b. developed the first disinfectant

c. learned how fermentation works

g. developed a method to kill undesired microorganisms in beverages electronic. disproved spontaneous generation

___8. This individual began use a man-made drug to kill the syphilis microorganism

a. Paul Ohne schei? (umgangssprachlich)

b. Louis Pasteur

c. Robert Koch

d. Edward Jenner

___9.  Koch's postulates are best exemplified by which assertion? a.  microbes are found on dust particles

b.  a specific microbe is the source of a specific disease c.  life forms can only arise by preexisting lifestyle forms g.  a particular microbe needs to be classified in a specific empire e.  microbes can be used to tidy up toxic spills ___10. The microbiologist initial to use disinfectants as a way to reduce surgical infections was

a. Robert Koch

b. T. J Musician

c. Francesco Redi

deb. Joseph Repertorier

e. Paillette Pasteur

___11.  Identify the microbiologist who also proved clou is caused by a bacterium? a. Theodor Escherich

b.  Paul Ehrlich

c. � Robert Koch

d. Joseph Lister

___12. Each of the following are eukaryotic cellular examples besides a. other harmful microrganisms

b. man skin cells

c. fungi

d. archaea

___13. Carbolic acid (phenol) was released as the first

a. vaccine

w. sulfa medicine

c. chemotherapy drug

d. disinfectant

at the. differential media

___14.  Spontaneous generation is a belief that�

a.  germs cause contagious diseases

n.  microbes happen to be diverse and ubiquitous

c.  microorganisms happen to be microscopic

m. aseptic technique reduce bacterias in medical settings elizabeth. living things can easily arise by non-living subject ___15. Protein icebergs flying in a lipid sea refers to the a. movement of flagella

b. movement of cytoplasm within a cell

c. movement of proteins and phospholipids in a membrane

d. transfer of DNA from one bacterium to another via the sex pilus

___16. The ability to observe a specimen clearly with the microscope is referred to as a. resolution

b. refraction



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