Abigail Williams Questions Article


Abigail Williams used her manipulative skills to acquire her way and produce hysteria in the town of Salem.

1 . Why would Abigail run away Salem?

Your woman knows quickly she will end up being questioned to get the fatality of Goody Nurse and John installment payments on your Why does Abigail admit to witchcraft?

She knows your woman can get rid of her opponents by blaming them intended for witchcraft also 3. How is Abigail a faux?

She says she loves the almighty in action 1 but she energy sources the witch trials which is seen such as a devil-like character 4. For what reason did Abigail want the charm to hurt At the Proctor? The lady wanted to have got John to herself

5. How is Abigail related to Parris?

She is this individual the relative

6. How did Abigail blame Elizabeth Proctor intended for poppet?

She sticks a needle in herself and says At the used witchcraft with the toy 7. Why does Abigail believe she is a woman and not a kid?

Because of her affair with John

almost eight. Why does Abigail do witchcraft?

To get back the love of John

being unfaithful. How is Abigail sneaky in the crucible?

Since she actually is a child she actually is good at operating like the girl with innocent 12. How is definitely Abigail self-centered?

She wanted John almost all to their self and will whatever it takes to obtain him 11. How does Abigail change in the story?

She works like a harmless girl yet turns into a evil and manipulative young lady and then becomes a thief 12. Why does Abigail accuse others for witchcraft?

She knew if the girl accused others she could easily get out to be blamed

13. How come Abigail accuse Tituba for what happened inside the woods? She is afraid to confess with her sins, her reputation is ruined due to affair 16. How does Abigail trick Danforth?

She says there is also a yellow chicken but this individual can't view it so this individual thinks she's possessed 12-15. Why does Abigail hate Elizabeth?

Elizabeth kicked her out so no one else wished to hire her because of the episode.

How does Abigail use her manipulative expertise?

As to the end really does she utilize them and how come she utilize them in that way? Just how do they result in the...


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